Champions (R)Evolution Two-Piece Implant System
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Champions® (R)Evolution®  Two-Piece Implant System 

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The two-piece Champions® (R)Evolution is the revolution in Implantology and Prosthodontics 2011: with the excellent price-performance ratio and innovative and unique features of the Champions® (R)evolution® implants for handling in surgery and prosthodontics, you can fulfill the current needs and demands of customers and patients: from the practice in the practice. This two-piece implant type has a special internal design: it has a newly developed anti-rotation "Hexadapter", which is integrated in the micro-close internal cone, and the micro-gap is smaller than 0.6 μm.

Surgery procedere: First, you take the two-piece Champions® (R)evolution out of the box, and then you can directly insert the implant without the need to touch the sterile implant, which is the same as with the one-piece Champions®. A contamination of the surface is excluded. In fact, you do not insert the implant itself but the Gingiva-Shuttle, which is patent-pending. The Gingiva-Shuttle, which is delivered ex works, is screwed at a torque of 10 Ncm, and there is very low risk of bacteria penetration. In this way, there is little risk that the internal screws get contaminated. In addition, a deformation of wear of the implant thread can be avoided. You should just insert the Gingiva-Shuttle and that''s it! There is no closing cap with bleeding or gingiva-contaminated internal threads. Furthermore, temporary restorations are not absolutely necessary, which makes it easier for an oral surgeon.

Prosthodontics: One abutment platform for all implant diameters! The internal cone with an integrated "Hexadapter" is always the same, no matter whether you insert a 3.5 mm-diameter Champions® (R)Evolution® implant, a 4.5 mm-diameter Champions® (R)Evolution® implant, or a 5.5 mm-diameter Champions® (R)Evolution®implant. The principle KISS (Keep It Safe & Simple) also goes for the two-piece Champions (R)evolutions®, and you don't need a lot of instruments such as many drills and abutments. The standard platforms and abutments can be customized and processed by certified master dental laboratories. Short, efficient, successful, reliable and affordable MIMI®-Flapless treatments and prosthodontic restorations make Champions® so unique in dental offices.

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